A secure and open source 2 factor authentication token.
Designed to be affordable and reliable.

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U2F Token for USB.

U2F Zero is a USB token that works with any service that supports U2F, like Google services. It works for 2 factor authentication or sometimes even password replacement. No drivers needed. Just plug it in and press a button.

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How to setup.

  1. Go to a website that supports U2F (Google, Facebook, Github, Dropbox, etc.).
  2. Go to your account settings and find how to set up two factor authentication.
  3. Choose U2F Token as an option.
  4. When prompted, insert U2F Token. The LED should change from green to orange when the remote site is ready for you to authenticate. After pressing the button, it should change from blue to green.
  5. Now you can use your U2F token as an authentication factor for that website.

Why it's Secure

Hardware Random Number Generator

A TRNG is used on chip to ensure high entropy keys get generated during registration.

Write Only Keys

Keys are generated on an off chip peripheral and live in write only memory. Nothing can read them except the peripheral itself.

Tamper Resistance

Atmel secure chip includes temperature and voltage tampering sensors.

Open Source

Because the source is open, there is confidence there are no backdoors in the source code.


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